Upgrade CPE Box 1, 2, 3 PATCH - 2014/05/12
寬頻電話升級步驟 1 2 3 - 修正版 - 2014/05/12

Dear Customer

In order provide best service for our Digital Home Phone Service, please follow the steps 1, 2, 3 to upgrade your phone adapter.

1. Please make sure your computer is within the same network with your phone adapter, and is running on one of the OS (XP . Windows 7 or Windows 8).

2. Download and Run this upgrade firmware TieusCPGUpgradeUtility (Patch) to your computer

3. Double click "TieusCPGUpgradeUtility_Patch.exe" to run this program

4. Please make sure your phone (CPE) is working properly, then clcik "Start"CPG Upgrade Step01

5. This program will find your CPE and upgrade it automatically.
PS Note CPE must =1 or >1, if CPE=0, please make sure you CPE is working and try ir agine or contact with our technictal support.
CPG Upgrade Step01

6. After complete, it will Pop up window and let you know "Update Complete" (about 3 ~ 5 minutes to process)
,CPG Upgrade Step01
Please click "Ok" then close windows for completet upgrade.

7. If you fail to complete this upgrade,  please double check and make sure your phone adapter and the computer you are using now is within the SAME network ( hooked up to the same router). Then redo the upgrade again.

If you still experience difficulty on this upgrade, please call our customer support for assistance. You can also bring that device (CPE Box) to our company, our service reps will happy to do this upgrade for you.



為了提升更好的服務,我們即將升級您的寬頻電話盒CPG Box(CPE Box) 韌體。


1. 在家中任何一台電腦(有線或無線網路連接的都可以),但必須和您的電話和在同一網段下的Windows 作業系統 (XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8).

2. 下載升級程式 TieusCPGUpgradeUtility (修正版)或直接執行

3. 在你的電腦上執行該程式 TieusCPGUpgradeUtility_Patch.exe

4. 確認您寬頻電話盒CPE BOX可以工作,然後請點擊程式的右上角"開始"進行升級CPG Upgrade Step01

5. 該程式會自動找到您的寬頻電話盒 CPE Box 然後進行升級
PS. 請注意 CPE 一定要等於或大於 1,假如CPE=0,請先確定您的CPE和電腦同在一個網路上,再執行一次或馬上和我們公司的客服人員聯絡
CPG Upgrade Step01

6. 一切正常完成後(約需要 5 分鐘),會有視窗彈出告訴您成功完成,點擊 "Ok" 確認
CPG Upgrade Step01
 然後請點擊 "Close" 或右上角 "X" 關閉該視窗完成升級步驟。

7. 沒有完成升級,產生錯誤的話,請檢查連線確保所有電腦與寬頻電話盒 CPE Box
 都在相同網路下(同一個路由器 Router 後面),然後請在執行一次程式進行升級。

 假如還是發生錯誤,請與我們的客服人員聯絡。當然您也可以把寬頻電話盒 CPE Box